With countless years of experience in the hospitality industry, we have a proven track record in driving success for our clients projects while exceeding expectations in both schedule and budget. All the way from Maine to Florida and in-between, we go where our clients need us.


We pride ourselves on turning a once daunting and complicated project into a successful renovation with an eye for minimizing revenue impacts while increasing value for our clients.

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DCM Construction is a commercial and hospitality contractor specializing in occupied and logistically challenging renovations. With extensive and diverse experience in the hospitality industry our onsite teams care about your businesses bottom line, we have a proven track record of driving repeat success for our clients. We tailor our approach to the needs of our clients in both schedule and budget. We provide coordinated planning and scheduling to minimize impact to your guests. We will work tirelessly to minimize revenue displacement. We pride ourselves on working hard to make construction easy and worry free for our clients by providing detailed scope and bid breakdowns, cost analysis, value engineering and schedule options. Our teams work to maximize productivity through cohesive coordination and thorough logic. We want our projects to be a success not only for owners, but for all project stakeholders including hotel operators.

Working with your business & money in mind

Transparency and business ethics are key

Customize the level of service your project needs


Our mission is to become our clients go-to construction partner. We strive for repeat business and long-term relationships. Quality is imperative with honest and ethical business strategies. Renovations often can come with higher levels of uncertainty and clients often find themselves in unfamiliar uncomfortable territory. On large scale projects that are phased several months out cash flow management is always a concern. We will work with you to make every renovation dollar stretch as far as it can, set realistic project deadlines so our clients are never left guessing. DCM not only enjoys providing our clients with the experience and knowledge we hold but we pride ourselves on turning a once daunting project, into an overall successful property improvement for our clients.

Revive, refresh and renew. Your project is unique, and it deserves a controlled and detailed approach to deliver success with maximized results.

DCM can transform your property into a truly outstanding and desirable destination. Our skilled specialized team along with pride in long term client relationships make us the perfect trusted partner for all your construction needs.






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Structure of Client Services

Every project is unique with varying levels of scope, requirements and level of service. Similar to how we tailor our project approach to the operational and logistical needs of the project, we tailor our services to the needs of our clients and their budget. Whether it’s a turnkey and lump sum contract to maximize our skills used in a comprehensive approach, construction management services or even simple sub-contract agreement, we are open to all contract structure discussions. We rely on our experience in working with various types of owners and their involvement in the project to find the perfect level of service for project success.
A traditional General Contractor role and the highest level of service we provide which includes working with the owner’s design team (ideally) during design development to help guide the projects details and design to meet the budget expectations of ownership. Sub-contracts are held by us so there is less paperwork, risk and liability for the client. A single prime contract is created between DCM and the client.
CM at fee provides the client with essentially the same services as stipulated price but sub-contracts are held by the client and managed by DCM at a fixed fee typically based on a percentage.
When a project is very complex or specifics are yet to be determined, a cost-plus fee contract can be utilized. This structure allows the owner to control every aspect of construction including schedule and budget. It relies heavily on the owner to make decisions during construction and does not provide the owner with any protection against budget overruns, schedule guarantees, etc. Work is directed by the owner and costs are assembled and reviewed by DCM then passed along to ownership plus an agreed upon fee. This structure is ideal when a project lacks design info or uncertainty in the extent of work required making it difficult for subs to accurately price accordingly.
We often find that some designers can be a bit out-of-touch with the reality of costs and impact of what they are designing. Details are critical and after all, they are designers, not builders. Bringing us onboard early in the design process gives us the opportunity to make value driven suggestions early and prior to starting construction to avoid costly re-designs and help bring reality from our experience into project schedule, logistics and help set realistic schedule expectations. Ensuring the design team is coordinating critical components in the designs while providing complete information in the construction documents eliminates many questions and potential confusion/conflicts during construction. This ultimately saves time and money. Early involvement in design significantly improves our ability to provide accurate pricing in a timely manner and eliminates many schedule impacting requests for additional information.